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Donation Info

We take pride in supporting of local organizations and being a charitable part of our community.

For legal purposes, there are a few guidelines that must be met in order to donate.


-You must print this page and return it to Cassandra Hard (209) 533-9463, or email this form to the link at the bottom of the page.

-Please submit your request a minimum of one month prior to your event.

-The nonprofit must have 501©3 current status.

We will need a copy of the IRS determination letter, which verifies the nonprofit status of your organization.

-We are unable to donate clothing, gift cards or cash.

– We offer ONLY gift baskets filled with our products.

Cider Donations For Tasting Events:

-In order for us to donate cider, a 501©3 organization MUST obtain a one day nonprofit ABC license (Type 221 license)

-We cannot donate to events using existing establishment’s ABC licenses or catering licenses.

– Cider donations must be picked up at Indigeny Reserve or through Delta Sierra Distributing.

Request A Donation

First Name ________________________

Last Name _________________________

Email _____________________________

Phone ____________________________

Alternate Phone (Optional) _______________________

Address ____________________________

City _______________________________

ZIP Code ___________________________

State ______________________________

Tell Us About Your Event ( For tasting events only)

Event Date __________________________

How many will be attending? ___________

What is the goal for your event? ________________________

What is the name of your event? ________________________

___ The organization has current 501©3 standing

___ A one day ABC license will be obtained under the name of the

benefiting 501©3

___Cider will be complimentary to guests

___Tickets or an entry fee will be charged

___ Volunteers be available to pour cider if needed?

___ Event is geared for those over 21 years of age.

Any questions – Contact


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