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Cider Works & Brandy

The ranch harvested almost 300,000 pounds of apples this season. In the cidery, where staff and son Joe do all the processing, is also where the harvested apples rest at 34 degrees in 4,000 square feet of new cold storage.

Outside the cold storage is a huge storage wall of palleted aluminum Indigeny Reserve bottles waiting to be filled. The 12-ounce aluminum package recently won an international design award in Japan. The Watsons plan to triple cider production and sales – to nearly a million bottles – by late 2015.

Interested visitors can see the brandy production part of the operation, which includes a distilling room with a double-pot copper still and the barrel room, where the brandy ages in 55-gallon American oak barrels. The certified organic oak-aged apple brandy, initially released in 2013, comes in distinctive light gold and red 750ml bottles.

Out of that same still, the Watson’s also craft Vodka Spirits; Limoncello and Orangecello, which are sweet liquors perfect for parties all year round.

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